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Ohio's Severe Weather Awareness Wek

3/23/2016 (Permalink)

n a coordinated effort with the Ohio Commission for Severe Weather Awareness (ACSWA), Governor John R Kasich proclaimed March 20-26 as Ohio’s Severe Weather Awareness Week.

On the Morning of Wednesday March 23rd Outdoor warning s sirens could be heard across Ohio. The outdoor warning sirens could be heard statewide at 9:50am and were active for more than one minute as part of a state -wide test to signal the start of Severe Weather Week and to remind Ohio residents to do their part to stay safe.

Lucas County alone has 131 outdoor warning sirens all of which were found to be functioning properly.

 Schools, businesses, and households are encouraged that we take the time to prepare, practice their Tornado drills and emergency plans.

During a Tornado drill or actual tornado warnings, remember to Duck!

D-Go” DOWN” to the lowest level

U- Get “UNDER” something such as a basement staircase or heavy table or desk.

C-Be sure to “COVER” your Head

K-“KEEP” in shelter until storm has passed.

February Contest

2/15/2016 (Permalink)

Cathy And Julie From Great Lakes Insurance Partners

Here at SERVPRO of Southwest Toledo we try to run a new and fun contest every month. For the month of February we decided to go with a contest that would help expose people to our Facebook page. It was a very simple contest actually. We asked people to go to our Facebook page and if they liked it just hit the like button, it was that easy! A like ='s an entry. Now if they really liked our page then they could share our page with their friends by hitting the Share Button and just like that they received a second entry!  Every day we would check our page and write down who liked and who liked and shared. Then the day of the contest we chose our winner! This month our winner was Cathy from Great Lakes Insurance Partners! Cathy Received a Gift Certificate to Red Robin for Dinner for two and also Two Movie Tickets all wrapped up in a nice little vase packed with some other goodies. Cathy chose to include her coworker Julie to share her prize with! Congratulations Ladies! 

Tips to help keep the Flu at Bay

1/21/2016 (Permalink)

Don't let the flu bug get you down!


Well it's that time of year again. The weather is colder; we are all staying inside a little bit more. Windows closed, furnace on... nice and cozy right? Unfortunately we are not the only ones who seem to think so! Germs also love to hang out in our home and wreak havoc on our immune systems in these cold winter months! I am sure we all know the basics; Wash your hands, avoid sick people, leave your shoes at the door! But no matter what we do these sneaky little varmints seem to still find their way into our lives and our home. Well I say No More!! It is time to fight back! Here are a few cleaning tips that can help you stop germs dead in their tracks!

Let’s start first with the hand washing. A quick little run under the water is not going to cut it! You need to really lather up. Get some friction going, wash up above your wrists and make sure you are getting in between those finger!!! Make sure you are washing for at least as long as it takes to sing the ABC's.

Disinfect all the doorknobs inside and out.  Light switches are also a hot spot for germs. Use disinfectant wipes as a part of your normal household cleaning routine. Remember lots of germy hands touch these surfaces.

Leaving your shoes at the door is huge. Think of all the surfaces your shoes have come across over the course of a day. Give them a spray down with some disinfectant and remember to spray the laces especially on the kid’s shoes. Who knows what those laces have touched. If they are washable toss them in the washer frequently.

To remotes are used by just about everyone in the house. You pick up the remote, change the channel, grab a bite of popcorn, yep you got it... little Bobby over there across the room who has the flu and was watching Tv all day flipping channels between coughs, all his germs just hitched a ride from the remote to your hand to the popcorn to your mouth!

Toilets, Showers, Bathroom floors, remotes, smart phones, tablets, computers, and the list goes on and on.  But don’t let it overwhelm you! Just remember wash your hands well, disinfect often. Having a consistent and thorough routine can prevent the spread of germs and keep you healthy and happy throughout the year. Especially during Flu Season!

New Years and Home Safety

1/5/2016 (Permalink)

 With the start of a New Year many of us are focused on making resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle. Many of us will try new diets or begin an exercise program, which is great start to a healthier, happier, you but a having a safe home can be just as important to your health. As you embark on this New Year try to keep a few simple things in mind.

1)                             First make sure you test your smoke detectors monthly and replace the batteries at least once a year.

2)                             Clean out the lint from the vents and the pipe behind your dryer. Check them often to assure they are clean. Although this may not sound like a big deal lint is highly combustible and is responsible for more than 15,000 structure fires each year.

3)                             Change your furnace filters at least every three months, more often if you have pets or allergies.

4)                             Make sure you have a fire escape plan and be sure to practice it with your family often.

5)                             Be prepared to handle any home emergency by keeping your local SERVPRO® franchise contact information on hand.

November Contest

12/4/2015 (Permalink)

 First of all I would like to take a minute to say I am very grateful that I am in a position to meet so many wonderful people every day. Sometimes it is nice to be able to do something fun and out of the ordinary when I am out making my rounds just to let our agents and their office staff know how much we appreciate them. This Month we decided it would be fun to run a little contest. We put together a personal care basket chucked full of goodies such as shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products, cold medicine, laundry soap, Clorox wipes just to name a few. Then we took the Restoration Newsline and put together a few multiple choice questions for my agents and their staff to answer. Once they completed the questions all they needed to do was email the answers, along with their names and which office they work for, back to us, then they were entered into the drawing! On November 20th we will then choose a name and deliver their prize. The response has been tremendous! We can’t wait to do our next contest.